CAC-2012, XIII Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry
Friday, 17 November 2017
Chemometrics in Hungary


Hungarian Chemical Society has a long established tradition of bringing together experts in the field of chemometrics to scientific symposia. As an international meeting, Conferentia Chemometrica was organized for the first time in 1997. The title of the conference now alternates: In odd years Conferentia Chemometrica in even years International Symposiums on Computer Applications and Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry.

The locations were also alternating: Budapest (2003, 2007, 2010), Tihany (2004), Hajdúszoboszló (2005), Balatonalmádi (2008) Siófok (2009).

Hungarian chemometricians gather each year: the meeting in 2012 will be the 32th one in series.

It is also a great tradition that selected papers of the Hungarian chemometric conferences appear as special issues in scientific journals: Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems (ACE&CC 2003 Vol. 72 Issue 2, CC2005 Vol. 87 Issue 1) and Journal of Chemometrics (CC2007, Vol. 22 Nos. 3-4, SCAC2008 Vol 23 No 4, CC2009 Vol. 24 issue 3-4.)

These series of Hungarian Chemometric conferences serve as a forum for the exchange of information among chemometricians active in different areas of analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, statistics, QSAR, correlation analysis, chromatographic data evaluation, etc.). Renowned scientists have been invited to hold lectures about their latest research.

Conferentia Chemometrica covers all aspects of chemometrics with particular emphasis on evaluation of chromatographic data:

Applications, Calibration, Experimental Design, Multivariate Techniques (ANN, CA, CART, MLR, PCA, PCR, PLS, etc.) Metabonomics and Metabolomics, New Algorithms, N-way Data Analysis, Process Control, Quality Assurance, Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships, Spectroscopy, Teaching of Chemometrics.